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Hello and welcome to THE VAULT GAMING HALL

Vault gaming halls are safe spaces for wargamers to play wargames. Our only goal is to solidify a thriving likeminded community of wargamers across the UK, introduce new hobbyists to wargaming and attract back gamers that have stepped out of the hobby. We are not a gaming lounge and don’t offer any other kind of gaming in our main gaming hall areas. We only retail tabletop products and services. We run community and UK wide events as well as camping weekends away.

Opening Hours

Shop & non-booked walk-ins:

Monday & Tuesday: 5pm to 10pm
Wednesday to Friday: 5pm to 10pm
Weekends: Midday to 10pm

We are frequently in the shop during the day, call us on 01733 450254 to see if we’re in!

For public holidays, please check with us.


Tables can be booked on our website during our normal opening hours, however we are usually happy to open up earlier for you, just get in touch!

Table prices

General Pricing Structure:

You can book any of our tables on the website for a minimum of two hours. Extra time can be booked in advance or taken on the day (subject to availability) at a cost of £3/hr.

We now have three sizes of table to choose from:

  • 6′ X 4′ Standard tables (£6 for the first 2 hrs)
  • 8′ X 4′ Extra large tables (£8 for the first 2 hours)
  • 7½’ X 5½’ Grand table – curtains can be pulled round this table for a private experience, there are also mains and USB power outlets close at hand. (£10 for the first 2 hours).

We have a large range of awesome terrain and scenery options which you can choose from when you arrive, suitable for any wargames. Free loan dice, dice trays, tape measures etc available.

We will always try to accommodate non-booked, walk-in customers where we can at a rate of £3/hr on whatever tables are available, but we recommend booking to avoid disappointment.

Army Loan Library

We have a large range of assembled, painted armies which are available from our Army Library. We can cater for 40K, Sigmar, Heresy, Deadzone/Firefight, Kings of War, Star Wars Legion, Bolt Action, and several others. Please contact us or pop in to see what we have available.


£10 one-off charge per day for your own use. You can change out for a different army as many times as you want during your visit with us.

Other things available

2nd hand sales area for both Vault and community items.

Free access to a community table. You are welcome to build and paint your figures here at no cost, spaces are limited however.

Every week we will have speed painting classes available to help build confidence and show how to quickly turn your built models into a table ready army. Not everyone is model painter, but everyone can paint models. £10 an hour.

Model building and painting services. £15 an hour

Membership – Now available!

Gold membership with us is £25/month. Benefits include:

  • 10% discount on all in-store retail purchases.
  • 20% discount on all table bookings made online.
  • Free club night gaming every week.
  • Free signup to leagues.

Important information about table bookings.

We have tried to leave enough time for people to have a good solid gaming experience. We have left plenty of time in between bookings in case a game runs over a bit, or if the booking requires us to set the table for them. We advise people to turn up at least 10 minutes before their booking so we can get you signed in and ready to set up.

Walk in and play will always be available if there is table space available and we will encourage gamers to team up with others and play multiplayer games if possible.

Optional House rules will be available for those that want a more narrative experience.

We only have one toilet at this venue as this is a pilot venue, we will be moving the operation to a larger more suitable one when the business is ready. The toilet doesn’t care what gender you are as long as you keep it clean! Everyone has a responsibility to keep it clean and looked after.

Due to the venue being mainly storage, we don’t have helpful access or facilities for some disabled customers. This will be addressed properly when we are ready to advance to the next stage of our business plan and making sure we cater for as many as possible will be a priority. We can only apologise for this unfortunate situation.


There will be a fully stocked snacks and soft drinks shop on site and we can offer pot noodles and similar types of food. We have a RIJO coffee machine and can offer other hot beverages. We ask all customers to not eat meals on the premises but if your booked in for the day, you can always pop off site to eat.


There are several Airbnb’s, motels and hotels local to the venue as well as a large selection of pubs and food place. Peterborough also has a number of gaming lounges and gaming retail outlets dotted around the city. This makes having a few days away to nerd very attractive and easy to organise.


As this is not only a new venture but a new concept in tabletop gaming, we will ask everyone to bear with us with our timetable. We hope to be able to be open 7 days a week 10am – 10pm but we have a long journey to go and may have to adjust.

We must remind everyone we don’t own your hobby, you do, but we will have our own flavour and style of doing things. As with all cheeseburgers, there’s one out there for everyone and we hope to capture everyone’s gaming tastes. Our only rules are to be kind, helpful and have fun. If every time a warm welcome is given to a new arrival, this will help keep the venues positive energy and atmosphere.