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Club Nights

What are they?

Our regular club nights are open to all, and are drop-in sessions which do not require booking. They are intended to provide a relaxed, social environment of like-minded gamers to play ad-hoc games, learn new games, and to take part in our Leagues.

What games will be available?

We will encourage certain games on different days of the week so that appropriate scenery, figures, and tuition or support is available for them, however, there are no restrictions on what games you can play (as long as mini-figures are involved!)

At the moment, the sessions are (5pm til late):

  • Mantic Mondays: Deadzone, Firefight, Kings of War etc
  • Total War Tuesdays: Nothing specific – we can arrange games if required.
  • Warhammer Wednesdays: 40K, Sigmar, Heresey, Killteam etc

How much does it cost?

If you are a current Gold club member, then club nights and leagues are free! Check out our memberships here…

For non-members, it’s £5 for a single evening’s drop-in gaming or free if you just want to chat, spectate, or see what it’s all about. Non-members can also choose to sign up for a league, costs vary depending on what league you join, see below.


What’s a League?

Leagues are a series of organised games between players so that each player in a league (or division) plays every other player once. Each league will specify which game and edition (usually the current version) is to be played.

Points are awarded based on whether you win, lose, or draw a game; one point for a loss, two points for a draw, and three points for a win. At the end of the league period, the winner is the player with the most points. Individual game scores will also be recorded and used to decide a winner in the event of a tie.

What experience do I need?

Players are expected to be reasonably familiar with both the game, and their army, to allow the majority of gameplay to take place from printed rosters or cards, although reference to codex/rulebooks is obviously permitted if required; you don’t need to commit everything to memory, but you need to be capable of completing a game in a reasonable period of time.

As a league grows, players will be separated into divisions according to their placement in the previous league. This will provide a reasonably balanced set of games for everybody.

League games will usually take place on the relevant club night, you are welcome to come along to these and join the next available league when you think you’re ready.

What commitment is involved?

You need to be able to commit to playing the required number of games during the season. Each game will be allocated a two-week window during which period you need to agree a date and time with your opponent to play your game. We encourage players to use the relevant club nights where possible, but games can be played at any time during the two-week period.

Games must be played at The Vault and declared as league games prior to starting to be officially sanctioned.

A standard league with seven players per division is played over three months. We may also run mini-leagues (one month for three players, two months for five players) if needed.

How much does it cost?

For Gold club members, it’s completely free!

For non-members, the cost is based on £5 per game, so a standard, three-month league with six games would be £30. This price covers entry to all of the club nights for your league (whether you’re playing a league match or not) and any sanctioned league games played at other times.

We encourage league members to come along to club nights and play “friendlies” when not playing a sanctioned game, there is no extra cost for this.